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How Aishwarya Rai dishonored a nation

Late last month, the popular Hollywood and Bollywood star, Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai, along with her husband, also a famous actor, celebrated the 12th anniversary of family life. Aishwarya is an amazing example of a rare combination of beauty, intelligence and perseverance, as well as female wisdom, which at one time almost turned into […]

Pros and Cons about the Plastic surgery of famous celebrities

Once plastic surgery restored a lost appearance, but now it forms it itself. Naughty stars do not want to put up with what nature gave, nor with what it takes away in old age, turning itself into dolls and causing delight, indignation, regret. There is always a lot of noise around this. Or maybe it’s […]

How different herbal tea are beneficial to health?

There are huge range of herbal tea products available in today’s market. In fact, Herbal tea is a part of our ancient healthy diet procedures. That may include concoctions derived from leafs, flowers, bark, stem, roots and many parts of flora and fauna. Flowers: Chamomile Dandelion Hibiscus Lavender Rose Petals Leaves: Green Tea Holy Basil […]


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