How Aishwarya Rai dishonored a nation

Late last month, the popular Hollywood and Bollywood star, Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai, along with her husband, also a famous actor, celebrated the 12th anniversary of family life. Aishwarya is an amazing example of a rare combination of beauty, intelligence and perseverance, as well as female wisdom, which at one time almost turned into a catastrophe for her. Let’s talk about what a strange threat to his harmonious life the star had to endure in connection with marriage and motherhood.

India’s exclusive pride

Aishwarya was not born among hereditary actors, although the family was not an ordinary one. She lived in abundance and a creative atmosphere. Nature has worked diligently over her beauty – almond-shaped eyes framed by thick eyelashes, perfect skin, which in tone differs from that characteristic of Indian women and has a paler tone, closer to the European, amazing lip shape with a clearly defined contour, refined and at the same time mouth-watering figure , as befits the beauties of India. The atypical eye color for Indian girls is not brown or black, but gray-green with a bluish tint. They are called the eyes of the “color of the sea.” It was as if nature had specially sculpted international beauty from it.

She can not use makeup, the network has a photo, although she likes it, as well as surround herself with expensive items and cars. Well, you can’t forbid to live beautifully, especially if you have achieved wealth through your labor, perseverance and talent. That is how Aishwarya earned respect for herself and became the pride of both her country and world cinema. She knows 5 languages, which allows her to act in Hollywood and European films. He has persistence in achieving the goal and perseverance in work.

Working tirelessly, not having an end to offers, Aishwarya, although reputed to be complaisant and accommodating on the set, still showed her character and principles. For example, she could agree to shoot only on the condition that part of the box office goes to the construction of windmills in South India, and when she found out that the producer had beaten his wife, she refused to shoot at all.

She has many trump cards besides appearance, she is confident and purposeful, in many interviews she thought that she would not chase beauty and calmly refers to the fact that such appearance is not eternal. A wise position in which you will always be in harmony with yourself.

Happiness in personal life

Aishwarya connected her life not with anyone anyhow – she got the well-known actor Abishek Bochchan, the heir to one of the most respected and powerful acting clans of India, as her husband. The husband not only did not limit her in work and creativity, but also encourages the development and multifaceted manifestation of herself on the screen, even violating the canons of Indian cinema – allows for frank scenes and gives complete freedom.

Her husband also loves with weight gain, which once amounted to as much as 25 kilograms after the birth of her daughter. With a height of 170 and a weight of 55, Aish began to weigh as much as 80 kilograms.

Shameful howl of elephants

When in this form, beautiful, confident and with forms, she appeared at the premiere of the film “Cosmopolis” at the Cannes Film Festival, the media, forgetting everything else, began to discuss the plump world beauty.

An entire movement was formed against overweight Aishwarya, who announced to reporters that she did not intend to change anything and just wanted to enjoy motherhood. A video titled “Shocking Fat Aishwarya” appeared in the homeland, in which elephants howl and hear the call not to disgrace the nation, remember the duty to fans and return the beauty. It’s not far from stress. Everywhere they tried to convey to her that a beauty of this magnitude had no moral right to disregard herself. So that. The title is binding.

I must say that, due to Indian roots, the transformation of appearance for Aish is completely natural. Her mother has such a complexion, most women in her homeland gain weight and feel comfortable at the same time.

“All can be kings …”

And yet, Aish listened to the voice of the people and met the expectations of fans. The fists for the beauty queen were held by all of India, although a huge part of admirers consider her beautiful in any weight. The actress’s perseverance did not disappoint, and she managed to regain her former forms. For the sake of the fans. For this, she completely turned out to be from meat. It seems that the queen still can’t take it and so just get better, without asking the masses …

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