Secrets behind well-groomed facial skin of duchess | wife of a British prince – Meghan Markle

Even before Meghan Markle became the duchess and mother of a new member of the British royal family, she had flawless skin. Look at her old photos, and you will see that Megan’s face always shone and looked well-groomed – at the stage of her acting career, during the meeting with Prince Harry, during pregnancy and after childbirth. Now the 37-year-old duchess also boasts absolutely fresh and youthful skin.

Having changed her status, Megan stopped writing posts on her Tig blog about diet, beauty, and personal care, but she (and this is obvious) still takes care of her own appearance. In 2015, in an interview with Best Health, Megan admitted that with age, her attitude to aging has changed, and therefore she devotes maximum free time to taking care of herself. Here are five secrets of her beauty, which can be fully adopted.

Duchess regularly uses exfoliator to stimulate skin cell renewal

Megan’s skin seems to glow from the inside, and she owes this effect to her favorite exfoliating product Tatcha The Rice Polish, which, according to her, literally foams on her face and very gently and gently cleanses the skin. This exfoliation (or exfoliation) is a great way to give your skin a fresh and brighter color. It removes dead cells, renewing the entire skin. It is best to choose chemical exfoliators (as opposed to a physical scrub) to minimize the risk of irritation. In any case, they can be a great cleansing option for people with sensitive skin.

Megan systematically massages her face to remove impending early signs of aging

This may take longer than applying the cream to the skin, but in 2014, Megan said in an interview that she was constantly doing facial exercises. She even mentions a system developed by Nicola Joss, who posted his nine-exercise spreadsheet on Instagram last year. Facial massage can actually slow down the signs of aging, due to increased blood flow to the skin. One small study conducted among 20 women over 65 years of age showed that it was massage, in combination with anti-aging cream, that had the greatest effect and significantly removed the phenomenon of sagging skin. In addition, you can consider the option of performing a 30-minute “facial yoga”, which is especially recommended for women older than 40 years. And there are other methods that stimulate collagen renewal in the skin, such as laser (Fraxel), radiofrequency (Thermage) or ultrasound (Ultherapy) procedures.

For everyday use, Megan prefers to use a primer instead of a foundation

If your goal is to look like you don’t use makeup (but still want to hide the flaws), you can use Meghan Markle’s secret called “makeup without makeup”. And this is a primer! A few years ago, Megan said that she prefers the Radiance Foundation Primer from Laura Mercier: “I don’t apply foundation on my face, except for filming. But every day after a moisturizer, I give the skin a radiant glow with a primer. Moisturizing in this case is extremely important: it restores water balance and improves skin tone. In addition, a primer is a salvation for those with oily skin.

Megan always cleanses her face before going to bed – without any exceptions.

When you are tired or just lazy, you may be tempted to go to bed without washing. The Duchess never allows this: before going to bed, she wipes her skin with a cleansing cloth. Megan prefers wipes for deep cleansing pores of Bioré: “They can be stored both in the car and on the bedside table, so you can wipe your face without even getting out of bed.” Although dermatologists and cosmetologists agree that this is a good cleansing product, nevertheless, in their opinion, wipes do not replace washing, but only remove makeup and excess sebum, which increases the risk of dryness or irritation, especially in people with problem skin.

Megan uses serum to prevent wrinkles

One of the Duchess’s favorite products is Kate Somerville’s Quench Hydrating Face Serum. This serum contains silicones such as dimethicone (to prevent dryness), retinol (to form collagen) and sodium hyaluronate (which nourishes the skin with moisture). Many people like how such light serums feel on the skin. Cosmetologists also advise using serums in a complex, and not as a separate tool, since their hydration is not enough, so you should also add a cream. At night, it is recommended to use serum with retinol plus a moisturizer on top. In the morning, an antioxidant serum with vitamin C, followed by a moisturizer with SPF.

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